About Us

Who are we?

Unique in the niche of fabric covers for Moroccan / Oriental living room sewn to measure

Based in Belgium, Marorient is the first brand in Europe and even in the world to sell online Moroccan / Oriental living room covers sewn to measure with sending everywhere in Europe by parcel! As we say in Moroccan Arabic “tlamet”.

We create custom sewn covers for Moroccan / Oriental sofa in multiple good quality fabrics so that you can change your “tlamet” fabric covers for Moroccan / Oriental living room. On our site you can assemble your fabric covers for Moroccan / oriental living room according to the measurements of your Moroccan / oriental living room.

At Marorient, sewing is tailor-made! We offer you a way to keep a piece of furniture in pristine condition, even if the current sofa cover you own is damaged or no longer meets your taste. You can easily buy your personalized Moroccan sofa cover set online at Marorient!

Our Story

At the base Marorient is an import – export company which sells upholstery fabrics wholesale. After some research and testing, we found that there was a huge demand for custom stitched Moroccan / Oriental living room “tlamet” slipcovers online.

The biggest advantage we have is that we buy in large quantity and directly from factories. In this way, we can offer our customers very reasonable prices.

Couture in Europe

All MARORIENT products are sewn to order in Belgium by dedicated couturiers who perform many steps by hand. The seams ensure that the seam is clean and finished. We are proud of our made-to-order collection. Thanks to her, many customers across Europe enhance their Moroccan / Oriental salon covers. And to combine business with pleasure, we do everything we can to make our production chain more responsible, by limiting waste.

Sewing in Europe (Belgium) is the guarantee of high-end products, respectful of the laws relating to labor, equipment and the environment.